You're Invited to Our Exclusive Event:

Legal Considerations to a Data Breach Response

Steven Stransky, Partner and Vice Chair of the Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group at Thompson Hine LLP is our distinguished guest for our private webinar event on Thursday, October 21st at 11AM EST. 

Steven Stransky has an extensive background in cybersecurity law. He was previously a Foreign Affairs Officer for the U.S. Department of State, an Attorney-Adviser for U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and a Deputy Legal Adviser on the National Security Council. 

AgileBlue's Tony Pietrocola and our guest, Steve Stransky, will discuss:

  • Cyber Incident Notification Act of 2021
  • Risk Allocation and Third Party Contracting
  • Evidentiary Privileges & IT Consultant Reports
  • Cyber Legal Best Practices and Recommendations 

We've reserved time at the end of the discussion for Q&A.

WHEN: Thursday, October 21st @ 11AM EST

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